WPL oversees the completion of ATM infrastructure by taking over the control of the site and tracking the progress at various stages until completion. The services involved in setting up of the ATM site include grounding, electrification work, power backups and the installation of ATM(s) at the desired site.

WPL’s ATM maintenance services include First Line Maintenance (FLM) and Second Line Maintenance (SLM) of these machines. With the support of National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) and Askari Bank as their main strategic partners, WPL has successfully launched many ambitious projects. We maintain end-to-end ownership for every ATM site and act as a single point of coordination for multiple organizations.

All Cash Management services offered are under the watchful eye of our Operations centre that meticulously and cash management through a web based monitoring system. We fully ensure the value of cash under our control. Our vast network in combination with the IT tools available at our disposal enable us to ensure that cash reaches wherever it is required to on time.

In line with WPL’s business model, we perform the following key services

Outsourcing ATM networks provide an ideal opportunity to financial institutions in reducing cost and attracting customers. We understand that the costs of expanding ATM fleet are cost prohibitive and clients are looking for reliable and at the same time. By partnering with us, financial institutions can provide a seamless, consistent ATM service visually and functionally without compromising on quality measures.

We have also built a reliable network of professional partners across the spectrum of ATM services offered which include offering different facets of ATM deployment and Cash Management solutions. WPL is actively managing a network of 160+ ATMs and our ever growing base of ATM network is a testament of the benefits we deliver to our strategic partners through cost saving, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction.


  • Identification & selection of site suitability scorecard method.
  • Preparation of ATM site i.e. grounding, electrification, arrangement of back-up power systems (UPS) & ATM connectivity
  • Development of ATM enclosure.


  • WPL’s first line maintenance takes care of all servicing necessary to keep the ATMs in running condition.
  • Second line maintenance services consist of hardware repair and replacement parts.
  • WPL boasts of one of the best service level in the country with a 95% uptime.
  • Round the clock ATM network monitoring for real time issue resolution.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of ATM & its premises.


  • Collection of cash from respective branches or agreed cashing centres.
  • Filling of cash at respective ATMs.
  • ATMs balancing/counter checks.
  • Clearance of Purge bin.
  • Extraction of Journal Rolls and Captured Cards.
  • Cash Test Run
  • Handing over captured cards and Journal rolls to designated bank branches.
  • All cash management services are performed under the watchful eye of the monitoring team.
  • Ensure cash reaches where it needs to at the right time.